You’ve Got Me Humming….

Laura Nyro—I Met Him On A Sunday And The Bells


I’m Haunted…

For at over a month we have been hearing about Mitt Romney’s 47 % comments at a private fundraiser.  Yes, the fact that he called 47% of the American people losers that are dependent on government hand-outs is awful.

But, the comments that have been  haunting me since the release of the video are his disdain of people who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.The way he says entitled is very cold and creepy.  You mean to tell me in the richest country in the world people should not be entitled to food and housing? This man can not become President of the United States—he just can’t.

President Obama Creates A New National Monument

President Barack Obama signed a proclamation on September 21, 2012, creating Chimney Rock National Monument, preserving nearly 5,000 acres of high desert around the spires that hold spiritual significance for tribes.

The escarpments at Chimney Rock have been around far longer than have people to observe them. Palm-leaf imprints and prehistoric fish fossils embedded in the sandstone hint at a wetter age. A shallow sea once flooded the area.

Chimney Rock’s twin spires have not always been so prominent. The inexorable forces of nature – water, erosion, time – carved the rocks into their current shape over millions of years.

Starting in the 9th century, Chimney Rock became home to people who found meaning in the heavens and eked out a hardscrabble day-to-day existence in, by that time, a semi-arid climate.

Anthropologists believe Chimney Rock was inhabited by ancestral Puebloans – forebearers of the Hopi, Zuni and Acoma pueblo tribes, among others – from A.D. 850 to 1130. While still debated, most scholars agree they arrived in two main phases. Earlier groups tilled fertile soil near the Piedra River, growing maize and beans. Not until about 1050 did migrants from Salmon or Chaco Canyon, the great but short-lived civilization in present-day New Mexico, trek north to join them…

There Is No Voter Fraud!

It’s plain and simple, the Republican  controlled states that are pushing tough Voter ID laws are trying to suppress the vote so that President Obama loses in 2012.  They are afraid their candidate can’t win fair and square.  And it worked for George W. Bush in Florida in 2000.

A Voter Issue That Isn’t–Eugene Robinson WP

Let’s be clear: Voter ID laws are not a solution to the “problem” of voter fraud. There is no problem, or at least no problem that would be solved by voter ID.

What did happen in 2008 was that African Americans, Hispanics and poor people — traditional Democratic Party constituencies — voted in unusually large numbers. And what happened in 2010 was that Republicans took control of more statehouses and set out to reshape the electorate and make it GOP-friendly…

Anything Goes…

Hipster, Grunge, Crazy, Funky…you can wear “whatever” and look good!

You’ve Got Me Humming…

Autumn Leaves—Nat King Cole

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